Great resource is a great resource. I would like to say that the multistate lookup capability is beneficial to someone like me who is licensed in multiple states and has the potential to handle claims in a regional territory. The drop downs allow one to narrow down their search and be more city/state specific. As I identify my future career path and the line of insurance claim handling I may pursue Im sure it will be even more helpful. It is also of great value that it is accessible 24/7 from any location which is great for so many of us adjusters work after 5pm anyway. I find that I still like the hard copy of the directory if anything it can help me identify what links I may choose to make my favorites in the future. Deborah H., AIC / Adjuster

We have gone wild over your Quick Reference Guide

I wanted to let your office and staff know we have gone wild over your Quick Reference Guide. Since it is so comprehensive in the information contained my copy is now dogeared and never far from my phone. Since my case load is 80/20 Florida I would love to get my hands on one of the Florida Guides. Would it be possible for our office to get seven copies? I will be forever in your debt. Rosemary Z. / Senior Adjuster

Fantastic, invaluable!!!

I just received my copy of The Claims Pages of Michigan... a fantastic book! The information inside is invaluable!!! Janie S. / Property Claims Representative

Use The Claims Pages directories frequently

I am a processor with Allstate and I work with our personal lines adjusters. I do a lot of the leg work for them like obtaining police reports and getting information on other insurance carriers among a multitude of other things. I use The Claims Pages directories frequently for police dept numbers and other carrier information. I find it very helpful and time saving and it gives me just what I need as opposed to using the internet and deciphering a web page. Thankyou!! Debbie Z. / Claims Processing Specialist

Not a day that goes by that it is not used

I would like to receive copies of both your Michigan & Georgia Claims Pages. I would like to say I love the book there is not a day that goes by that it is not used by someone in our unit. Sherry S. / Adjuster

Beneficial in locating contractors

The Claims Pages directories contain a lot of information. I travel in various states and they are very beneficial when it comes to locating vendors such as contractors independent adjusters etc. I have also found the materials identification section and pricing to be a quick and handy reference. Thanks again! Chris L., AIC, SCLA, AIS / General Adjuster

Use it on a very regular basis

I just wanted to say that The Claims Pages has become one of my top reference books when adjusting claims and for obtaining other useful information that adorns its pages. I use it on a very regular basis. Keep up the good work & I look forward to receiving the latest edition. Len B. / Adjuster

Often use The Claims Pages

I often use The Claims Pages directory for the pages with the terminology on them. I mostly use the information pages in the front as I find them very helpful in reviewing notes. Sometimes I will look up a claims adjuster to see where they may be working which is helpful to me as well. Linda E. / Workers' Comp Specialist