Can rely on Claims Pages to have everything I need

As a surplus lines brokerage, I constantly refer to the agents and customers that call in for forms they need, suggestions of vendors and resource tools to assist in claims and everyday insurance handling. I like no matter where I am that if I need specific tools in adjustment I can rely on Claims Pages ...

Used on a regular basis at our office!

I wanted to thank you for sending the ClaimsPages directories. They are so useful and it is very convenient to have a multitude of information in one place! The Directories as well as your informative website are used on a regular basis at our office! Amanda B. / Corporate Claims Manager

Very informative and useful

Just a brief note to sincerely thank you for The Claims Pages of The Carolinas. The layout is great and so very informative and useful in my business. John C. / Independent Adjuster

Ultimate in Claims Directories

The Claims Pages is the ultimate in claims directories! It has so much useful information for the adjuster! I in particular like the careers section, the free calculator section, the payout info etc. that is online. Billy A. / Independent Adjuster

Often use The Claims Pages

I often use The Claims Pages directory for the pages with the terminology on them. I mostly use the information pages in the front as I find them very helpful in reviewing notes. Sometimes I will look up a claims adjuster to see where they may be working which is helpful to me as well. ...

I LOVE IT! Been using it for several years

The Claims Pages... I LOVE IT!... have been using it for several years. Melissa S. / Field Claims Coordinator

Beneficial in locating contractors

The Claims Pages directories contain a lot of information. I travel in various states and they are very beneficial when it comes to locating vendors such as contractors, independent adjusters, etc. I have also found the materials identification section and pricing to be a quick and handy reference. Thanks again! Chris L., AIC, SCLA, AIS ...

A big fan

I have been a big fan of The Claims Pages for many years and still continue to use the hard copy publication. However, in these days of Internet magic, I can get everything I need online since your website is outstanding and easy to maneuver through with so much helpful information. Keep up the great ...

Use The Claims Pages directories frequently

I am a processor with Allstate and I work with our personal lines adjusters. I do a lot of the leg work for them like obtaining police reports and getting information on other insurance carriers among a multitude of other things. I use The Claims Pages directories frequently for police dept numbers and other carrier ...

Keep it on hand

I have been using your Claims Pages for years! I keep it on hand in the event that I need to find a consultant for a claim. Thank you for the resource! Bruce F. / Independent Adjuster