Use It frequently

Thanks so much for your Directory of Adjusters. It is most helpful to me and I use it frequently as we are in a position to assign some claims out to other Independent Adjusters from time to time. In fact I have also found old friends by your directory that I had lost track of over the years. Ive also used some of the adjusters tools. Sandy S., AIC, RPA / Regional General Adjuster

Ultimate in Claims Directories

The Claims Pages is the ultimate in claims directories! It has so much useful information for the adjuster! I in particular like the careers section the free calculator section the payout info etc. that is online. Billy A. / Independent Adjuster

Tremendous resource

I have been in the industry for approximately 20 years and have always found your publication a tremendous resource. Thank you for all you do! Scott H., AIC / Claims Representative

Terrific job

I refer to the book and web site on a regular basis. Your folks do such a terrific job and it has made my life as a claims adjuster easier just knowing where I can go and get the information I need without spending precious time searching for it. I have passed your information along to many other adjusters and restoration companies. Please express my great appreciation to everyone at The Claims Pages for the effort they put forth in creating such a wonderful resource for those of us out in the field. Keep up the great work! Doug M. / Owner/Adjuster

Used on a regular basis at our office!

I wanted to thank you for sending the ClaimsPages directories. They are so useful and it is very convenient to have a multitude of information in one place! The Directories as well as your informative website are used on a regular basis at our office! Amanda B. / Corporate Claims Manager

Yellow page section helps me located qualified vendors

I would greatly appreciate receiving 2 new books one for my office & one for my city vehicle used for emergency response. I administer the GL Property and Workers Compensation insurance programs for the city and handle many issues internally. I have found The Claims Pages to be a valuable resource. The yellow page section helps me located qualified vendors. The pricing guide and KMC on Demand info are excellent for estimating insurable and replacement values. I can honestly say the book has saved me time and money and I use it on a weekly basis. Steven G. / Risk Management Coordinator

Entire adjusting staff uses, publication is without equal

I cant sing the praises of The Claims Pages enough. I have found countless resources and tools within your companys publication. As a matter of fact the entire Adjusting Staff of L. W. NORMAN & ASSOCIATES INC. in Michigan and Ohio routinely refer to The Claims Pages for tips forms and reference material daily. Please keep on doing what you are doing because your publication is without equal. Larry N., RPA / President